• Sourcing of staff which meets your needs and criteria.
  • Organisation of travel plans to the destination country.
  • Recruitment.
  • Salary and pay.
  • Accomodation.
  • Transport to the project site and back.

Need help sourcing staff? We are here to help!

Multiple years of experience.

  • Multiple years of experience in the staffing industry – especially in the Nordic countries.
  • Our solutions are provided to small and big businesses, does not matter if you need a couple of workers or a full team, we will help you.
  • Workers come in all shapes and sizes, our skilled personnel will help you find the best candidates.
  • Because we understand the burden of employee paperwork, we will do it for you, easy as that.
  • We leverage the time consuming work so you can focus on the growth of the business.

About Us


Globus Bemanning seeks to improve your business productivity through reducing costs and time expenses for personnel maintenance. In cooperation with you, we will choose qualified, trustworthy and experienced employees that will fit your needs.

We focus on administrative work such as salary, holiday or sickness pay, employer taxes, social security insurances and other required paperwork. Therefore, you can concentrate where it matters, running your business.

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